About Us


MountainTrue champions resilient forests, clean waters, and healthy communities in the Southern Blue Ridge.

MountainTrue envisions thriving communities in our mountain region that are connected to and help sustain both each other and our natural environment. To achieve this, MountainTrue fosters and empowers residents throughout the region to engage in community planning, policy and project advocacy, and on-the-ground projects.

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Our Water Team

David Caldwell

Broad Riverkeeper

Hartwell Carson

French Broad Riverkeeper

Anna Alsobrook

French Broad Watershed Science & Policy Manager

Erica Shanks

Green Riverkeeper

Andy Hill

Watauga Riverkeeper and High Country Regional Director

Hannah Woodburn

High Country Watershed Outreach Coordinator

Emma Crider

High Country Invasive Plant and Water Quality Intern

Callie Moore

Western Regional Director and Western Clean Water Team Lead

Kaiya Pickens

Western Region Summer Water Quality Intern

Darby Stipe

AmeriCorps Western Region Water Quality and Habitat Restoration Associate

Gray Jernigan

Deputy Director & General Council, Clean Water Team Lead, and Legislative Advocacy Team Lead

Karim Olaechea

Deputy Director of Strategy and Communications

Thank You to Our Clean Waters Volunteers

Abby Pate
Alan Sirmans
Alex McNeil
Alyson Browett
Amanda Fulghum
Ande Millsaps
Anne Hourdequin
Babs Strickland
Barbara Harvey
Bill Moore
Brandon Johnson
Brittaney Dyer
Bruce Roberts
Carter Keoleian
Cathy Kratt
Cathy Mulvey
Celia Larson
Charlie Swor
Cherri Scott
Chris Greensfelder
Chris Souhadra
Clare Johnston
Craig Weaver
Dan Goff
Dane Wellemyer
Darcy Perkins
Dave Briere
Dr. David Campbell
Dr. David Judge
Dave Hering
David Best
Department of Geological and Environmental Science at Appalachian State

Derek Eggers
Don Clapp
Don Cooper
Doreen Blue
Doreen Blue
Ellen Brazauskas
Frank Retter
Fred Thompson
Gardner Webb University Biology Students
Gary Arceneaux
George Hotelling
Glen Cutting
Glenn Dulken
Greer Gunby
Hannah Lily
Hayden Cheek
Hope Thingelstad
Houston Brown
Hygie Starr
Ivor Groves
J.R Mason
Jack Drost
Jack O'Connor
Jamie Davidson
Jamie Davidson
Janine Lazar
Jay Davies
Jeri Lash
Jerry Aldridge and Roger Woolsey
Jim Oliver
Joan Smyth
Joe Buchanan

Joe Grunkemeyer
John AyersJohn Knoblich
John Scott
Jolly Horn
Jon Gerst
Jordan Sellers
Kate Bond
Katherine Taaffe
Katie Breckheimer
Kay Shurtleff
Keith Chesnutt
Kelli Fuller
Kelly Motter
Ken Kloeblen
Kristen Mode
Lacie Schmidt
Ladonna Dedmond
Larry Morgan
Lauren Kern
Lee McCall
Leigha Henson
Linda Milt
Lou Lanwermeyer
Lucy Butler
Lynn Groves
Malissa Davis
Marie Scott
Marta Toran
Martha Dysart
Marvin Price
Maureen Patrick
MC Brooks
Mike Wazny
Misti McCarley

Nancy Marx
Nancy Troxler
Nate Fordyce
Noel Turner
Paige Patterson
Paula and Ron Bakule
Philip Moore
Quentin LaChance
Rick Burt
Rick Scott
Rob Lazar
Rory Cassedy
Rutherford Outdoor Coalition
Sammi Silar
Scott MacDonald
Shane Benedict
Shelly Adair
Shiloh Lovette
Stacey Cassedy
Stephanie Brundage
Steve Harvey
Steve King
Susan Warner
Susy Nixon
Tammy Haley
Tanner McCandless
Timothy Smart
Tina Poltrock
Tod Fullerton
Tom Lucha
Vickie Ware
William McMahan